Simple IF Statement

The Excel IF Statement can be used for many things. A good friend of mine, Arthur wanted something to automate different totals in different columns. By using the IF statement, it makes it easy. If you look in the “Comments” section of the spreadsheet, I have put the two formulas there for easy reference. The first one tells us that IF the value in cell E4 is “P”, then the value will be display in the “Private” column. The value is “Hidden” in the blank column and then “transferred” to the appropriate cell. The same is said that if the letter “B” is displayed in cell E5, then the value will display in the “Business” column. You can use the “OR” keyword and even nest several IF statements together. However, this is a quick guide on how to use an uncomplicated IF statement.

Here is the syntax: =IF (logical_test, [value_if_true], [value_if_false]).  Looking at the formulas that I used, the “” means that nothing is displayed.